Yoga Teacher Training – 200 HOUR CERTIFICATION – Bucharest – September 2019

Yoga Teacher Training – 200 HOUR CERTIFICATION – Bucharest – September 2019

Yoga Teacher Training – Awaken the Yoga Teacher Within You – 200 HOUR CERTIFICATION with Yoga Alliance – A TRANSFORMATIVE LIFE EXPERIENCE happening in Bucharest – September 2019

Are You Ready to Become a Certified Yoga Teacher?​
Our teacher training programe is created for individuals with aspirations of becoming yoga teachers but is also appropriate for any individual wishing to further expand their yoga practice.

This 23-day immersive training is designed to deepen your spiritual practice and to fully prepare you to teach the ancient science of yoga safely and with confidence.


  •  You will learn directly from top yoga teachers in the traditional yoga schools of India;
  • Maintain constant pure and inspirational energy for 23 days. No need to lose your weekends.
  • At the end you will have the knowledge to teach 100+ Hatha Yoga Asanas; Knowledge of Yoga Anatomy & Physiology; Understanding of Yogic Philosophy, Pranayama, Meditation, Ayurveda & more.
  • You will learn to teach variety of classes with a solid foundation of Hatha yoga;
  • You will receive useful “tools” to use in your future yoga teaching journey: book, yoga course material, neti pot, yoga bag, pen, t-shirt and notebook.
  • After completing the yoga course, you will become a certified yoga instructor and you can also build a personal qualified yoga teacher profile worldwide and gain more visibility and credibility by completing the subscription to Yoga Alliance USA.

Choose a job you love, and you will never work a day in your life! If you want to deepen your knowledge and understanding of Yoga or you feel teaching yoga is your calling, you CAN’T MISS this programe.
Stay Tuned on Q Yoga Flow because YOGA TEACHER TRAINING -Awaken the Yoga Teacher Within You- WILL BE LAUNCHED SOON and we will have a limited time offer only for a few days for those who are really committed to go through this TRANSFORMATIVE LIFE EXPERIENCE with us.

If you want to be the first who knows about the special offer, please fill out the Registration Form Here.

Training will be held in english.
Looking forward to seeing you on the mat.


REACH US AT  (+40) 722 456 564


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Atelier Meditatie – 17 Martie 2019

Atelier Meditatie – 17 Martie 2019

Ai auzit ca meditatia te poate ajuta dar nu iti imaginezi cum ai putea sa iti linistesti gandurile cand tu esti o persoana atat de agitata…. cel putin pe interior. La fel ca orice alta practica noua la inceput, meditatia necesita rabdare si concentrare pentru a te bucura usor usor de progrese.

Meditatia este o practica foarte personala. De aceea nu toate tehnicile ti se vor potrivi INSA odata ce ai gasit practica potrivita tie si ai inceput sa o perfectionezi, vei observa si beneficiile. Astfel te vei simti norocoasa sa observi faptul ca esti mult mai constienta si mai prezenta, ceea ce automat iti va reduce nivelul de stres si te va face sa fii mai echilibrata.

Acest atelier are o abordare holistica dar se potriveste perfect si acelor persoane mai rationale (mentale), motiv pentru care unul dintre subiectele principale este relatia dintre minte – trup – spirit.

Vino la acest atelier si invata cum sa folosesti meditatia ca o unealta pentru a avea pace interioara, relatii armonioase, corp sanatos si o viata fericita.

DETALII AICI: https://qyogaflow.wishpond.com/ateliermeditatie/

INSCRIE-TE AICI: https://goo.gl/forms/lC4rDjsr0i5kGhKw2

✔ iti sporesti nivelul de vitalitate, sanatate si capacitatea de concentrare si creativitate;
✔ scazi nivelul de oboseala, anxietate, stres si depresie;
✔ îmbunatatesti memoria, empatia şi compasiunea;
✔ cultivi stabilitate emoţională şi sentimente pozitive;

Oricine gandeste poate beneficia de efectele meditatiei.
Nu doar calugarii 🙂

✔ Inveti sa faci din mintea ta un prieten valoros;
✔ Descoperi ce este meditatia si cum sa meditezi;
✔ Stii ce fel de meditatii sa faci acasa;
✔ Practicam impreuna 3 tipuri diferite de meditatie;

Atelierul de meditatie are loc duminica, 17 martie 2019, orele 11.00-15.00 la Centrul Soma din str. Alexandru Magatti, nr 9.

☑ Early Bird Acces 1 persoana, pentru inscrierile achitate pana pe 01 Martie 2019 ( 107 Ron)
☑ Acces 2 persoane (197 Ron)
☑ Acces 1 persoana, pentru inscrierile intre 02 – 17 martie 2019 (149 Ron)
☑ Abonament Yoga 14 sau reparticipare Atelier (74 Ron)
Locurile sunt limitate si se achita in avans. Dupa inregistrare veti primi detaliile de plata pe e-mail.

✴ Ulterior te poti alatura si grupului nostru de meditatie, in fiecare miercuri din ultima saptamana a fiecarei luni.
Detalii aici: http://qyogaflow.com/events/event/clasa-de-meditatie/

🎁 CUPON CADOU 25 ron – poti sa il folosesti pana pe 24 aprilie 2019 la cursurile si programele Q Yoga Flow.

Ai oricand si la indemana suportul de curs al Atelierului
plus 7 meditatii pe care sa le practici acasa in ritmul tau.

🎁 GHID online – 10 POSTURI YOGA
Primesti un ghid cu aliniamentul si beneficiile celor mai recunoscute posturi yoga pentru sanatatea sistemului digestiv, nervos si respirator.

MAI MULTE DETALII AICI: https://qyogaflow.wishpond.com/ateliermeditatie/

🧘‍ Cercetatorii au demonstrat stiintific faptul ca 20 de minute de meditatie pe zi, pot schimba activitatea creierului si starea de spirit intr-un mod pozitiv.


Te asteptam cu drag!

Pentru orice alte intrebari ne poti contacta la
: numarul 📞 0722.456.564 sau pe
: adresa de e-mail 📩 qyogaflow@gmail.com
: web: www.qyogaflow.com

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Bring your questions, an open mind and a willingness to look at this great practice in a new inquisitive way.

We are happy to have Lavinia Elise Parcalab, a very passionate ashtanga yoga practitioner and teacher currently based in Sweden in Romania with us. It is a special opportunity that we are all looking forward to. The workshop is open to all levels of practitioners. During this weekend we will study in detail the basics of Ashtanga Yoga.

This is a good opportunity for people new to the practice, as well as for those wishing to understand different aspects of the practice in more depth. At the end of the workshop, the yoga student will be ready to continue a practice of
Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga with confidence!

This class is an introduction to Ashtanga Yoga. It is open to all levels of experience.
Ashtanga Yoga will be explored through the foundational elements of Tristana: Ujjayi pranayama (Breathing technique), Bandhas (energy locks), Drishti (looking focus), as well as the importance of the Vinyasa count. Through these tools practitioners develop good control of the senses and can achieve deeper states of mind and awareness. With regular practice ashtanga yoga practitioners develop steadiness of body and mind.
Lavinia will guide the group through a moving meditation into the Primary Series of ashtanga, the building foundation of this practice and maybe the most important of the series.
If you are not familiar with the more challenging postures there is no need to be scared of them! Lavinia will introduce alternatives to some of the more challenging asanas as well as offer user-friendly vinyasa options. The afternoon class will take you on a journey into learning how to safely and bravely access backbending asanas. We will execute a series of backbends, start slowly and go in deep, developing a common vocabulary and an understanding of basic alignment. There will be time at the end of the flow to enjoy a soothing, deep relaxation.
PROGRAME DAY ONE  30 March 2019 ( 9.30- 12.30)
* 1h Exploring the fundamentals of Ashtanga to build a strong foundation for your practice and beyond the pose. (Philosophy, Breathing, Vinyasa count) The ashtanga yoga practice will stimulate your nervous system and will lead to deeper states of awareness with regular practice.
* 2 h Asthanga Vinyasa Yoga Class
BREAK 12.30-14.00 – During break you can go to eat outside or you can bring your own food and then rest at the yoga hall.
PROGRAM DAY ONE 30  March 2019 ( 14.00- 17.00)
* Asana study (both practical and theoretical)
– 1h 30 Yoga essentials for your daily life
– 1h 30 Backbending and an introduction to Intermediate Series
Day 2 you will be introduced to the essentials of pranayama, including posture, suspension, balance and absorption. You will learn a potent sequence of pranayama and subtle body visualization that you can explore endlessly on your own. In the second part of the day, you will be guided to find your own flow in the practice.
One of the greatest challenges and main ingredients of the Ashtanga flow is the vinyasa. In this class Lavinia will break down the vinyasa into its basic components.
The class will also explore the elements of inversions and arm-balances. It is common to feel intimidated or even frightened to balance on our hands. Lavinia will offer techniques and practical methods of approach to allow for greater confidence and ability that can be carried away and applied within a personal practice.
Alternatives and intermediate steps how to build strength in the practice are always given. In this session, Lavinia will explain the more dynamic movement patterns of the Ashtanga Vinyasa system, such as jumping back and jumping through.
PROGRAM DAY TWO  31 March 2019 (9.30.- 12.30)
* 1 h – Pranayama and Guided Meditation
* 2 h – Asthanga Vinyasa Yoga Class
BREAK 12.30-14.00 – during break you can go to eat outside or you can bring your own food and then rest at the yoga hall
PROGRAM DAY TWO 31 March 2019  (14.00- 17.00)
1h 30  Learning the flow in vinyasa and how to jump back and jump through with confidence
1 h 30 Building strength components  and Happy Savasana at the end – Arm Balances & Inversions.

Early Bird (before March 08, 2019)
Whole Workshop: € 109 (509 Ron)
One day sessions: € 59 per session (279 ron)
Normal price (after March 10, 2019)
Whole Workshop: €139 (649 ron)
One day sessions: €75 per session (349 Ron)
To register and reserve your spot for the 2 Day Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Workshop you first need to fill the registration form here and then pay the workshop fee through bank transfer. You can also pay in cash (in advance) at our studio.

Sum paid is non-refundable. The workshop can be held with minimum of 10 people. In case less then 10 people will subscribe until 15 March 2019, we may cancel the event and you will get a full refund for the amount you paied.


* People interested in yoga and quieting the mind
* People how want to improve their health, strenght and flexibility
* Great for those students who have experience of Ashtanga yoga and know the postures, but also students who are familiar with parts of the primary series and yoga asana are welcome to join.

Workshop will be held in romanian language if there are no english speaking students attending. Both teachers are romanian speakers.

Come with an open heart, your yoga mat, towel, comfy clothes, notebook and pen.

LOCATION: Bucharest, Soma Center, Alexandru Magatti, no 9.
DATE: 30-31 March 2019

ABOUT THE TEACHER – Lavinia Elise Parcalab
I was born and raised in Romania, but I consider myself a citizen of the world. In the last 10 years I have been living and working in Tunisia, Poland and now Sweden. After graduating in business and living the corporate life for a few years, I realized I was still on a journey, searching for my life purpose. This journey led to trading business suits
and offices for yoga pants and bare feet, eventually creating a new lifestyle. I didn’t know in the beginning how deep this journey is going to be and that in fact I was searching for my authentic self.
In 2015 I founded Unfold Your Mat in Gothenburg, Sweden with the intention to dedicate myself fulltime to practicing and teaching yoga. For me yoga is a tool that helps me to dig more into the mysteries of the human mind and life itself. Through my classes I am hoping to manage to guide people to find their own inner strength and to
be brave to discover and bring to the world their authentic self. As a person I am curious and inquisitive. I love to explore, learn, test different ideas and I try to approach things with an open minded attitude. Through my yoga practice I discover that we all have infinite potential and power to make this world a better place.
We just have to discover it and then bring our gifts into this world.
My daily practice is ashtanga yoga, which has brought so many positive changes and valuable reflections to my life. However I like to get inspiration from other styles and practices, as initially I have been practicing other methods before dedicating myself to ashtanga. I am doing my best to teach from my own experience and I use my
knowledge and intuition in order to adapt the practice according to the unique student.

Through my teaching I’m hoping to guide my students how to become the masters of their own life and learn how to connect more with their own intuition and heart. That for me is yoga. And when we share from that source, everything starts to flow.

Simona Chiriacescu – Details Here


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The Yoga Party

The Yoga Party

🎊 Sarbatorim cu tort Raw-Vegan, muzica live si prieteni pe masura un sfarsit de an luminos. Pe 27 decembrie 2018, de la ora 6.00-10.30 pm te invitam in comunitatea Q Yoga Flow, la cea mai faina petrecere de anul nou.

INSCRIE-TE LA The YOGA PARTY – completand formularul de inscriere: http://qyogaflow.com/contact/ – cu mesajul The Yoga Party

🍜 O avem alaturi de noi pe Cristina Draghici, nutritionist care iti va incanta papilele gustative cu un atelier de gatit vegan.

👯‍ Si ca sa arzi repede caloriile, te invitam la dans, pentru ca avem si o surpriza muzicala.

🎁 Concursurile si premiile vor fi nelipsite iar Spiritul Craciunului inca fi prezent si Secret Santa va sosi si el la Yoga Party.

📣 Asa ca da sfoara in tara, ia-ti prietenii si Hai la Party!

Ne plac oamenii autentici si tinutele indraznete, deci simte-te libera sa vii imbracata cat mai feng-shui. Nu este un Dress Code obligatoriu.

🧘‍Dupa un an magic, cu experiente bogate dar si cu provocari, ne dam voie sa alchimizam totul in iubire si sa resetam intentii pozitive pentru noul an splendid ce va sa vina ……… si pe cuvant iti spun ca dorintele tale se vor inalta pana in cer.

✔ Atelier de gatit preparat vegan si degustare cu Cristina Draghici;
✔ Meditatie de inaltat si setat intentii pentru noul an cu Simona Chiriacescu;
✔ O felie de tort Raw-Vegan marca Sublimmme si un pahar de sampanie;
✔Muzica live, dans si voie buna;
✔ Concursuri si tombola cu premii;
✔ Un cadou secret * Secret Santa;
✔ O petrecere altfel cu networking si oameni frumosi ce impartasesc pasiuni comune pentru Yoga, mancare sanatoasa si Un stil de viata constient;

In buricul Bucurestiului, ca sa iti fie cat mai usor de ajuns.
Prietenii nostri de la Sublimmme ne-au pus toata locatia la dispozitie si ne pregatesc o vitrina plina cu prajituri raw vegane care mai de care mai gustoase. Si daca vii direct de la munca si vrei un preparat sarat, iti recomandam burgerul vegan, supa crema de linte si salata mixta vegetariana.
Toate preparatele sunt proaspete, delicioase iar preturile sunt mai mult decat accesibile. (Produsele se servesc contracost)

ADRESA LOCATIEI: strada Splaiul Independentei, Nr. 2F in Centrul vechi, putin mai sus de bariera Selari vis-a-vis de Curtea de Apel)

✔ 2 Cutiute prajiturele Raw-Vegan – marca Sublimmme;
✔ 2 Clase meditatie – sustinute de Simona Chiriacescu;
✔ 1 Clasa restorative Yoga – sustinuta de Simona Chiriacescu;
✔ 4 Proceduri de infrumusetare (radiofrecventa, lipolaser, drenaj limfatic) – Salon Poeme
✔ 3 Sedinte evaluare wellness – include consultatie si degustare produse- specialist wellness Daniel Farcas

✔ 4 Sedinte masaj terapeutic – Salon Poeme

🔛 Intrarea la party cu toate facilitatile de mai sus costa 99 Ron.
🎅 Te rugam sa aduci cu tine si darul pentru Secret Santa. Impacheteaza cu iubire un cadou simbolic, asa cum simti tu SI vei primi la Schimb de la Secret Santa un alt cadou.

👉 Inscrie-te la The Yoga Party, completand formularul de inscriere aici: http://qyogaflow.com/contact/ – cu mesajul The Yoga Party

Deoarece evenimentul implica alimente, avem nevoie de confirmarea ta cat mai repede. Sunt 30 de locuri si acestea se ocupa in urma efectuarii platii in avans. Dupa ce primim inscrierea ta, vei primi detaliile cu contul unde poti sa efectuezi plata. Te rugam sa verifici si casuta spam.

🎅 Te asteptam cu veselie intr-o atmosfera ZeN de petrecere ♥

Echipa Q Yoga Flow si prietenii
Good Food – Good Yoga – Good Friends

📩 qyogaflow@gmail.com
📞 +40 722 456 564
💻 wwww.QYogaFlow.com

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Nașterea Domnului Iisus Hristos – Craciun Fericit!

Nașterea Domnului Iisus Hristos – Craciun Fericit!

Toata lumea iubeste sarbatorile de iarna si energia acumulata din preajma Craciunului. In fiecare an, pe 25 decembrie sarbatorim nasterea Domnului Iisus Hristos, fiul lui Dumnezeu si renasterea constiintei Hristice in sufletul, mintea si trupul nostru. Prilej de mare bucurie in familiile crestine, oamenii se aduna pentru a-l sarbatori pe cel care i-a invatat la cel mai inalt si profund nivel, smerenia, iertarea, iubirea si conexiunea cu Divinitatea. Caci el avea suta la suta certitudinea ca el este unul cu Tatal (Dumnezeu) si stia si ne-a spus si noua faptul ca ” imparatia cerurilor este inauntrul nostru”.

In aceasta zi sfanta, te invit sa apropii mainile in zona pieptului si sa te rogi dinauntrul inimii tale pentru linistea si armonia intregii tale familii. Da-ti voie sa topesti toata durerea si suferinta in iertare si iubire. Atunci cand te rogi, vibratia campurilor tale se acordeaza la o energie superioara care te ridica si iti ofera sentimentul de fericire deplina, ca si cum ai fi in Rai.  Apoi, cand iesi din rugaciune, traieste prin recunostinta in conexiune cu Tatal, Fiul si Sfantul Duh si vei observa ca Raiul este aici cu tine pe pamant, caci imparatia cerurilor este inauntrul tau.

Ho Ho Ho sa fii sanatos, bucuros si sa ai armonie in familie! …….si ceva cadouri colorate sub brad, ca doar ai fost cuminte 🙂

Sarbatori binecuvantate si Craciun fericit!

Cu recunostinta,

Simona si Echipa Q Yoga Flow

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Lectia scoicii perlifere

Lectia scoicii perlifere

Cum reuseste scoica sa faca perle?

Inainte de toate, exista un graunte de nisip care a patruns in cochilia ei si care o irita. ” Ah, isi spune ea, cum sa fac sa scap de el? ‘ Ma zgarie, ma mananca, ce sa fac?”

Si iata ca incepe sa reflecteze; se concentreaza, mediteaza, cere sfaturi, pana in ziua cand intelege ca nu va ajunge niciodata sa scape de grauntele de nisip, dar ca are posibilitatea sa-l inveleasca pana ce acesta va deveni neted, lustruit, catifelat. Si cand izbuteste, este fericita si isi spune: ” A, am reusit sa inving o dificultate!”

De mii de ani scoica perlifera ii invata pe oameni, dar oamenii nu si-au invatat lectia.

Si care este aceasta lectie?

Aceea ca, daca reusim sa ne „infasuram” dificultatile intr-o maniera luminoasa, irizata, gingasa, vom dispune de bogatii nemaiintalnite. Iata ce trebuie sa intelegeti.

Deci, de acum inainte, in loc sa va plangeti si sa va macinati fara sa faceti nimic, lucrati si „secretati” acea materie speciala in care sa va puteti „infasura” dificultatile. Cand va aflati in fata unui eveniment neplacut, a unei persoane insuportabile, bucurati-va si spune-ti: „Doamne, ce noroc, inca un graunte de nisip si deci posibilitatea secretarii unei noi perle!”

Daca intelegeti imaginea scoicii perlifere, veti avea de lucru toata viata.


Photo: Photo by Clint McKoy on Unsplash

Extras din Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov – Reguli de aur pentru fiecare zi

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Ce este restorative yoga si cum te ajuta aceasta practica iarna?

Ce este restorative yoga si cum te ajuta aceasta practica iarna?

Zilele devin tot mai scurte si tu esti din ce in ce mai putin activa. Anotimpul rece te face sa stai cu muschii incordati iar o practica de restorative yoga te va ajuta sa te relaxezi, sa reflectezi si sa ai un tonus fresh de sarbatori.

Daca nu stii cum sa profiti de energia iernii, sezonul rece poate deveni o perioada de stagnare si depresie. De fapt iarna te ajuta sa eliberezi stresul acumulat si sa-ti refaci depozitul de energie. Practicand restorative yoga vei permite muschilor sa se relaxeze, inimii sa-si domoleasca ritmul si astfel sistemul nervos nu va mai fi nevoie sa reactioneze constant.

Vrei sa participi la o  clasa de restorative yoga?  Click aici!

Ce este restorative yoga?
Cea mai cunoscuta si iubita postura din yoga se numeste Savasana si are loc la sfarsitul practicii yoga. Aceasta postura este tinuta fara nici un pic de efort pentru o perioada mai lunga astfel incat sa aiba loc procesul de recuperare, armonizare si relaxare. La fel se intampla si in restorative yoga, adaugand si alte posturi care vor fi sustinute intre 5 si 20 minute, pentru care vom folosi accesorii de yoga ajutatoare precum perne cilindrice (bolster), curele, caramizi si paturi.

Cel care a promovat practica de restorative yoga, folosind fel si fel de accesorii, mentinand astfel un aliniament cat mai corect si prevenind accidentarea este B.K.S. Iyengar, denumit si parintele modern al yogai.

O sesiune normala, acasa, poate include doar 5-6 asane, sustinute cu accesorii care te vor ajuta sa te relaxezi si sa te odihnesti. Mentine posturile pentru 5 minute sau mai mult si include rasuciri usoare, aplecari in fata din sezut si aplecari usoare pe spate. In functie de cum simti tu poti asculta o muzica meditativa si poti adauga in practica ta si cateva exercitii de incalzire precum Cat & Cow, Downward facing dog si cateva serii mai blande de salutul soarelui.

Pentru ca creierul sa treaca in sistemul lui de relaxare se spune ca este nevoie de aproximativ 20 de minute in care respiratia sa fie mai lunga si mai profunda ceea ce va face ca corpul si mintea sa ramana intr-o stare de relaxare. Folosind respiratia intr-un mod constient ii vei trimite astfel un mesaj creierului ca esti in siguranta ceea ce va face ca relaxarea sa fie din ce in ce mai profunda si chiar sa deschida un potential de vindecare.

Ce-i drept a invata sa te relaxezi necesita timp 🙂
Daca starea de bine si relaxarea s-ar realiza instant atunci nu ar trebui sa ne mai facem griji pentru nimic. Insa mintea este atat de agitata, motiv pentru care unele persoane vor gasi practica de restorative yoga, poate cea mai grea clasa de yoga la care au participat. Este un moment in care nu mai ai unde sa fugi, unde sa te ascunzi si observi cat de greu este sa iti opresti mintea sa produca fel si fel de ganduri. Insa tot acolo, prin practica constientizarii, vei gasi si un potential valoros de crestere, relaxare si transformare.

Altfel spus, restorative yoga te ajuta sa te conectezi cu tine la un nivel mai profund, la fel ca atunci cand faci meditatie. Inspiratia si abilitatile pe care le dobandesti atunci cand practici yoga, te vor sustine pe tot parcursul vietii, ajutandu-te sa gestionezi momentele de stres cu claritate si echilibru.

A fost demonstrat faptul ca yoga tine sub control efectele hormonul de stres (cortizol) care este asociat cu cresterea tensiunii, cresterea in greutate si bolile de inima. Cateva studii realizate pe cei care practica restorative yoga au demonstrat acelasi efecte pozitive si totodata faptul ca ajuta pacientii bolnavi de cancer sa controleze depresia si oboseala.

Asa ca iarna aceasta te invit sa practici restorative yoga pentru a combate schimbarile serioase de dispozitie, letargia si pofta nebuna de carbohidrati. Si astfel te vei simti relaxata si nu doar ca vei iubi sa te dai jos din pat dimineata ci vei avea si o capacitate de concentrarea si eficacitate mai mare.

Te astept cu drag la urmatoarea clasa de restorative Yoga. Pentru detalii click aici!

Spor la practica!

Daca acest articol ti-a fost de folos, te rog sa il distribui si prietenilor tai.

Orice intrebari ai legate de yoga si un stil de viata sanatos, te rog sa ma contactezi pe simona@qyogaflow.com

Cu prietenie,



Surse de inspiratie:



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O zi intreaga cu Yoga – Accesul Liber

O zi intreaga cu Yoga – Accesul Liber

Nici prea Yin – Nici prea Yang – Un echilibru perfect intre relaxare si vitalitate DAR MAI ALES – Un eveniment creat din inima pentru tine si prietenii tai interesati de un stil de viata sanatos.

Studentii nostri tocmai au terminat cursul 200 H Yoga Teacher Training si abia asteapta sa te rasfete cu Clase de Yoga care mai de care mai speciale pentru flexibilitatea spatelui, eliberarea stresului, intarirea articulatiilor si linistirea gandurilor si emotiilor.

Asa ca Sambata aceasta (20 Octombrie 2018) iti daruim o zi intreaga de yoga, meditatie, pranayama, relaxare, mantre si Kirtans.

Verifica programul claselor de yoga si te rugam sa te inregistrezi pe formularul de mai jos cu mesajul
( 20 Octombrie + numarul clasei/ claselor la care vrei sa participi).

* Locurile sunt limitate!

Acest eveniment este daruit din inima de fiecare profesor de yoga si poti participa gratuit la cate clase de yoga poti si simti.
* Donatiile sunt binevenite.

*toate clasele de yoga includ posuri yoga, tehnici respiratie, relaxare.

11.30 – 12.00 – Hearbal Tea si salutari de bun venit

30′ Clasa Meditatie 1
12.00 – 12.30 – Chakra balance meditation cu Simona Chiriacescu
* potrivita celor care vor sa experimenteze starea de liniste si meditatie.

90 ‘ Clasa Yoga 2
12.45 – 14.15 – Hatha Yoga Clasic cu Corina Vasile si Teodora Haidu
* Experimenteaza o clasa de Hatha Yoga traditional cu toate ingredientele specifice – inclusiv mantra chanting..

60 ‘ Clasa Yoga 3
14.30 – 15.30 – Gentle Yoga cu Magdalena Cornea
* Posturile sunt mai blande si mai constiente, lucrand intr-o sincronicitate perfecta cu respiratia si intarirea articulatiilor.

60 ‘ Clasa Yoga 4
15.45 – 16.45 – The art of relaxation cu Carmen Popescu
* O clasa de relaxare pentru eliberarea stresului, special creata pentru cei care prefera un stil mai Yin si mai interiorizat.

60’ Clasa Yoga 5
17.00- 18.00 – Strength & Vitality Yoga cu Alina Dima
* 60 de minute incarcate cu energie si putere pentru flexibilitatea spatelui si revigorarea mintii.

60 ‘ Clasa Yoga 6
18.15 – 19.15 – Hatha Yoga cu Ada Pancu
* Aceasta clasa te va echilibra minte-trup-suflet si iti va da o noua stare de bine din interior in exterior.

19.15 – 19.30 Kirtans si imbratisari de ramas bun.

Te asteptam cu inima deschisa, sambata 20 octombrie 2018, incepand cu orele 11.30 la Centrul Soma din Strada Alexandru Magatti, nr 9.
Sunt saltele la centru. Nu este nevoie sa iti aduci salteaua de yoga.

Ia-ti prietenii si Hai la Yoga!

Pentru inscrieri si informatii contacteaza-ne la
MOB: 0722 456 564
E-mail: qyogaflow@gmail.com
Web: http://qyogaflow.com/contact/

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Yoga Therapy Workshop with Yogi Trupteesh from India

Yoga Therapy Workshop with Yogi Trupteesh from India

We are happy to announce that the registration for the Yoga Therapy workshop on monday 08 october held by Trupteesh Nagaraj Hurikadale, an experienced Yoga Teacher from India that has taught yoga to 5000+ people in 80 countries from all around the world, is officially open.

Claim your spot here: http://qyogaflow.com/contact/

🕉 Get Ready To Lead A Healthier Life & Finally Become More Mindful!

In the modern, hectic, stressful world we live in, it’s quite challenging to feel calm and relaxed. The way that most of us deal with this “modern” life is try to keep up. And that affects our body, mind, emotions… our wellbeing and happiness (sometimes without us being fully aware!)

What if we told you there is a simple and effective way to lead a healthy life and bring balance in your life, even if you live in a noisy city?

Or even better show you!

YOGA THERAPY WORKSHOP Monday 08 October 5.30 – 9.30pm
Learn how to revitalize your life with pranayama, meditation and asana.

Pranayama is the since of balancing, controlling and expanding our vital energy. Prana is Life Energy which is essential to lead a stress free healthy life. Prana enters our body through breath.

By manipulating our breath, we can remove the physical, mental and emotional toxins. Regular practice of pranayama prepares mind for the mediation. During this workshop, we will learn eight vital techniques to balance rejuvenate our systems.

Trataka means spontaneous gazing. Trataka is also a purification technique for our eyes and brain. This mediation technique will be performed by gazing on a burning candle.

✅ Understand the Philosophy of Prana and Pranayama
✅ Prepare your body with gentle stretching and warming up exercises to sit for longer hours
✅ Practice each technique in detail
✅ Experience a guided relaxation session
✅ Understand what is meditation and how to benefit from it
✅ Experience the powerful Trataka meditation
✅ Get introduced to different yoga styles
✅ Questions and answers about asanas

You also experience a full vinyasa yoga class with mantra chanting and guided relaxation at the end.

What is the investment:
The investment for Yoga Therapy workshop is 277 Ron.
!!! The payment you make is non refundable.

What is the location: Centrul Soma, Alexandru Magatti, no 9

Claim your spot here: http://qyogaflow.com/contact/
*limited number of participants

For more details please contact us at +40 722 456 564 or send us an e-mail to: qyogaflow@gmail.com
Who Is The Teacher

Trupteesh Nagaraj Hurikadale, is an experienced yoga teacher who started to practice yoga at the age of 14 years old. So far, he created more than 1000 inspiring yoga teachers all over the world – USA, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, Russia, Denmark, India and even Japan – that are currently helping thousands of people deepen their spiritual practice and gain peace of mind, more positivity and more gratitude by incorporating yoga into their lives.

He has a unique teaching style, due to his training in Yoga Therapy, Thai Yoga Massage and also in Reiki, that helped him develop a wide, comprehensive approach towards body and mind.
Trupta is the founder of Sneha Yoga (Oil Yoga), a new Yoga practice combined with Ayurveda, that he started to develop 10 years ago. When he is not conducting Yoga Teacher Training and workshops around the world, Yogi Trupta dedicates his life tohis new practice a nd teach it in Goa, India. If you want to find out more details about “Oil Yoga”, visit his official website: www.oilyoga.com

• He has a Bachelor Degree in Sanskrit- 5 Years from Shri Mata Sanskrita Maha Patha Shala (2000) and a Bachelor Degree in Yoga – 3 Years from Svyasa Yoga University (2005, Bangalore)
• He traveled to Shivanada Ashram, Shri Arbindo Ashram, Mysore, Auroville to meet and learn from many masters
• He graduated many tranings, including: Vedanta and Yoga – 5 Years from Veda Vijnana Gurukulam (2005 Bangalore), Ashtanga Course (Mysore, 2006) and Yoga Shiromani (Shivanada Asharam, 2007)

Other info (please read):
*** Yoga Therapy Workshop is conducted in English and is suitable for all levels from beginers to advance practitioners.
*** Location: Centrul Soma; Alexandru Magatti, no 9
*** Your spot is secured only after you pay the fee registration. After you fill-in and send the registration form, you’ll get in maximum 24 hours the invoice with the payment details.

Are You Ready To Lead A Healthier Life & Finally Become More Mindful?

Claim your spot here:http://qyogaflow.com/contact/

See you on the mat!

Yogi Trupta, Simona si Echipa Q Yoga Flow

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Obtine Bursa Yoga de Studii (1799 euro) Devino Profesor Inspirational De Yoga

Obtine Bursa Yoga de Studii (1799 euro) Devino Profesor Inspirational De Yoga

Iubesti sa practici yoga si visul tau este sa devii profesor inspirational de yoga INSA nu ai fonduri necesare ca sa faci un curs de formare in yoga?

Inscrie-te ACUM in concurs si ai oportunitatea sa primesti de la Fundatia Simile Constanta o Bursa de Studii in valoare de 1799 euro pt  200 H Yoga Teacher Training – Awaken the Yoga Teacher Within You  ce se va desfasura in perioada 20 sept – 14 oct 2018 in Bucuresti.

Da! Este absolut minunat stim…

Ca sa aplici pentru Bursa de studii Yoga, asigura-te sa dai like paginii noastre, incarca o poza cu tine pe pagina evenimentului, impartaseste-ne motivatia ta si distribuie evenimentul pe profilul tau.

Eticheteaza-ti prietenii si roaga-i sa te voteze pentru a primi Bursa de Studii YTTC si a beneficia de oportunitatea de a-ti implini visul si a deveni profesor de yoga inspirational.

Verifica toate instructiunile si rubrica FAQ inainte sa aplici pentru Bursa.

Iti uram mult succes si abia te asteptam la training!


Recunostinta profunda sponsorului nostru Fundatia Simile Constanta pentru bursa de studii Yoga.


PASUL 1 – Apreciaza (LIKE) pagina Q Yoga Flow AICI si  pagina YTTC event AICI

PASUL 2 – Incarca pe peretele evenimentului  AICI o poza cu tine intr-o postura de yoga si descrie pe scurt motivatia ta astfel incat oamenii sa te voteze (like).

PASUL 3 – Eticheteaza-ti prietenii si distribuie evenimentul pe pagina ta.

PASUL  4 – Completeaza formularul de inregistrare aici si mentioneaza la rubrica Comments – Bursa de Studii

Persoana a carei poza cu descriere este cea mai votata de public, adica persoana care obtine cele mai multe like-uri la poza incarcata strict pe pagina evenimentului AICI va obtine Bursa de Studii.

Castigatorul Bursei va fi anuntat la data de 14 septembrie ora 12.00 pm, cand se vor incheia si numara voturile.


Aceasta bursa este pentru cei care practica yoga in mod regulat de mai bine de 1 an de zile. Bursa este oferita strict celor care doresc sa devina profesori de yoga insa nu au suficiente resurse financiare pentru a urma un Yoga Teacher Training Course.

Training-ul este intensiv si este sustinut in limba engleza. Va rugam sa verificati toate detaliile programului YTTC (orar, intensitate, limba) inainte de a aplica.


Pentru detalii click aici: 200 H Yoga Teacher Training Program – Awaken the Yoga Teacher Within You

YTTC are loc in perioada 20 septembrie -14 octombrie, la Bucuresti.

Programul este intensiv si este necesar sa participi la toate cursurile astfel incat sa primesti diploma de absolvire.


Urmareste instructiunile si aplica pentru bursa iar Castigatorul va fi anuntat la data de 14 septembrie ora 12.00 pm, cand se vor incheia si numara voturile.

Castigatorul este – persoana a carei poza personala cu descriere este cea mai votata de public, adica persoana care obtine cele mai multe like-uri la poza incarcata strict pe pagina evenimentului AICI va obtine Bursa de Studii.

Asadar, fa poza ta cat mai vizibila, distribuie si roaga-ti prietenii sa te voteze pentru a primi Bursa de Studii YTTC si a beneficia de oportunitatea de a-ti implini visul si a deveni profesor de yoga inspirational.

In cazul in care castigatorul nu mai poate participa sau nu poate confirma participarea la YTTC in data de 14 Sept, Bursa se va raporta in urmatoarea zi, urmatorului aplicant cu numar maxim de voturi.


Prezenta bursa de studii face referire strict la programul YTTC – Awaken The Yoga Teacher Training Within You care are loc in perioada 20 september- 14 october 2018.  Organizatorul nu isi asuma nici un fel de raspundere in ceea ce priveste partea financiara ci doar asigura participarea studentului castigator in cadrul programului YTTC.   In cazul in care programul YTTC nu va avea loc, castigatorul bursei de studii nu are niciun drept asupra solicitarii vreunei sume financiare sau reparticipare atat in ceea ce il priveste pe Sponsor cat si pe Organizator.

Va uram succes si fie ca cea mai potrivita persoana sa obtina Bursa de Studii YTTC

Pe 14 septembrie 2018, la ora 12.00 vom anunta fericitul castigator al Bursei.

Pentru mai multe detalii, va rugam sa ne contactati la numarul +40722 456 564 sau pe adresa de e-mail  qyogaflow@gmail.com

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