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Hatha Yoga Workshop With Asana alignment and Pranayama

Hatha Yoga Workshop With Asana alignment and Pranayama

Hatha Yoga Workshop With Asana alignment and Pranayama 

22 September 2019 / Bucharest / By Yogi Trupta from India

This workshop will focus on important Hatha Yoga asana practice and asana alignment. During this workshop practitioners will practice Hatha Yoga asanas, traditional Pranayama. Later in the session, each asana which has been practiced will be discussed in detail with alignment and corrections. It’s really important to understand and practice asanas with correct alignment to get more benefits and to avoid injuries.

Check this video to see more about vinyasa yoga practice and meet the teacher : 

Yogi Trupta Official Website: https://oilyoga.com/

1. You will learn important Hatha Yoga asanas for day today life
2. You will learn correct method of practicing asana
3. You will learn how to adopt the asanas according to your need
4. You will learn how to adjust yourself in the asana practice
5. You will learn important pranayams

STRUCTURE OF THE WORKSHOP: from 9.00 – 12.45
1. 75 minutes of Hatha Yoga Asana Practice
2. 45 minutes of Pranayama practice
3. 15 min break
4. 90 minutes of Asana Adjustments

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People who wants to understand and deepen their Asanas practice can join this workshop.

1. Yoga Mat
2. Small towel
3. Water bottle

HATHA YOGA WS VENUE: Bucharest. The location will be announced soon
HATHA YOGA WS DATE & TIME: 21 September 2019, from 09.00 to 12.45

PROMOTION – Join our special Oil Yoga Workshop on Sunday, 21 September 2019 and you pay ONLY 125 Ron for each Workshop.

ONLY 20 SPOTS – RESERVE YOUR SPOT HERE – http://qyogaflow.com/contact/ fill in the registration form with you name, phone, email and workshop name.

In 24 Hours you will receive the confirmation and invoice by e-mail.

For any other details please contact us at +40 722 456 564 ; e-mail: qyogaflow@gmail.com




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Yoga Therapy Workshop with Yogi Trupteesh from India

Yoga Therapy Workshop with Yogi Trupteesh from India

We are happy to announce that the registration for the Yoga Therapy workshop on monday 08 october held by Trupteesh Nagaraj Hurikadale, an experienced Yoga Teacher from India that has taught yoga to 5000+ people in 80 countries from all around the world, is officially open.

Claim your spot here: http://qyogaflow.com/contact/

🕉 Get Ready To Lead A Healthier Life & Finally Become More Mindful!

In the modern, hectic, stressful world we live in, it’s quite challenging to feel calm and relaxed. The way that most of us deal with this “modern” life is try to keep up. And that affects our body, mind, emotions… our wellbeing and happiness (sometimes without us being fully aware!)

What if we told you there is a simple and effective way to lead a healthy life and bring balance in your life, even if you live in a noisy city?

Or even better show you!

YOGA THERAPY WORKSHOP Monday 08 October 5.30 – 9.30pm
Learn how to revitalize your life with pranayama, meditation and asana.

Pranayama is the since of balancing, controlling and expanding our vital energy. Prana is Life Energy which is essential to lead a stress free healthy life. Prana enters our body through breath.

By manipulating our breath, we can remove the physical, mental and emotional toxins. Regular practice of pranayama prepares mind for the mediation. During this workshop, we will learn eight vital techniques to balance rejuvenate our systems.

Trataka means spontaneous gazing. Trataka is also a purification technique for our eyes and brain. This mediation technique will be performed by gazing on a burning candle.

✅ Understand the Philosophy of Prana and Pranayama
✅ Prepare your body with gentle stretching and warming up exercises to sit for longer hours
✅ Practice each technique in detail
✅ Experience a guided relaxation session
✅ Understand what is meditation and how to benefit from it
✅ Experience the powerful Trataka meditation
✅ Get introduced to different yoga styles
✅ Questions and answers about asanas

You also experience a full vinyasa yoga class with mantra chanting and guided relaxation at the end.

What is the investment:
The investment for Yoga Therapy workshop is 277 Ron.
!!! The payment you make is non refundable.

What is the location: Centrul Soma, Alexandru Magatti, no 9

Claim your spot here: http://qyogaflow.com/contact/
*limited number of participants

For more details please contact us at +40 722 456 564 or send us an e-mail to: qyogaflow@gmail.com
Who Is The Teacher

Trupteesh Nagaraj Hurikadale, is an experienced yoga teacher who started to practice yoga at the age of 14 years old. So far, he created more than 1000 inspiring yoga teachers all over the world – USA, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, Russia, Denmark, India and even Japan – that are currently helping thousands of people deepen their spiritual practice and gain peace of mind, more positivity and more gratitude by incorporating yoga into their lives.

He has a unique teaching style, due to his training in Yoga Therapy, Thai Yoga Massage and also in Reiki, that helped him develop a wide, comprehensive approach towards body and mind.
Trupta is the founder of Sneha Yoga (Oil Yoga), a new Yoga practice combined with Ayurveda, that he started to develop 10 years ago. When he is not conducting Yoga Teacher Training and workshops around the world, Yogi Trupta dedicates his life tohis new practice a nd teach it in Goa, India. If you want to find out more details about “Oil Yoga”, visit his official website: www.oilyoga.com

• He has a Bachelor Degree in Sanskrit- 5 Years from Shri Mata Sanskrita Maha Patha Shala (2000) and a Bachelor Degree in Yoga – 3 Years from Svyasa Yoga University (2005, Bangalore)
• He traveled to Shivanada Ashram, Shri Arbindo Ashram, Mysore, Auroville to meet and learn from many masters
• He graduated many tranings, including: Vedanta and Yoga – 5 Years from Veda Vijnana Gurukulam (2005 Bangalore), Ashtanga Course (Mysore, 2006) and Yoga Shiromani (Shivanada Asharam, 2007)

Other info (please read):
*** Yoga Therapy Workshop is conducted in English and is suitable for all levels from beginers to advance practitioners.
*** Location: Centrul Soma; Alexandru Magatti, no 9
*** Your spot is secured only after you pay the fee registration. After you fill-in and send the registration form, you’ll get in maximum 24 hours the invoice with the payment details.

Are You Ready To Lead A Healthier Life & Finally Become More Mindful?

Claim your spot here:http://qyogaflow.com/contact/

See you on the mat!

Yogi Trupta, Simona si Echipa Q Yoga Flow

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Potluck Veggie Brunch – 27 Noiembrie

Te invit la Potluck Veggie Brunch (27 Noiembrie, orele 11-15.00), un eveniment care aduna oameni pasionati de mancare sanatoasa si stil de viata contient intr-un singur loc.

Gatim, mancam, facem yoga si meditam  🙂 deci HAI si tu

Inscriere : https://goo.gl/forms/Bdt4qjucm8F6elaV2

evenimente yoga, cursuri yoga, potluck veggie brunch, qyogaflow, cursuri meditatie

Te astept cu mult drag, energie pozitiva si surprize Yoga.

▸ Ce este un potluck ?
Cuvantul „pot-luck” a aparut pe la mijlocul secolului XVI si semnifica „hrana oferita unui musafir neasteptat, inopinant” – norocosul.
Astazi, un eveniment de tip „potluck”, inseamna ca ne strangem intr-un loc si fiecare aduce cate ceva de mancare de-acasa, pe care il imparte cu ceilalti. Un fel de „schimb de mancare”, de retete, de idei, de pasiuni, de cunostinte.
O oportunitate de a ne cunoaste si live, pentru noi care impartasim aceasta pasiune pentru mancarea vegana, cruda sau gatita, pentru nutritie holistica si pentru un stil de viata sanatos, holistic.
Sau pentru cineva care doreste sa isi schimbe stilul de viata si sa vada cat e de buna alimentatia raw-food sau vegetariana, este o ocazie excelenta sa participe la acest potluck.
Potluck Veggie Brunch este un eveniment de nutritie holistica in cadrul caruia ne hranim sanatos intreaga fiinta, pe toate planurile : fizic, energetic, emotional, mental si spiritual.

▸ Unde ?
Duminica, 27 noiembrie, ora 11.00
Locatia : Zepter International, Bdul.Unirii nr.70

Inscriere : https://goo.gl/forms/Bdt4qjucm8F6elaV2

▸ Organizatori :
Hranatate (Delia Popa) & Friends

▸ Ce castigi daca participi ?
✔Tot felul de mancaruri diferite, vegane si raw-vegane, care mai de care mai gustoase si mai sanatoase;
✔Prieteni noi, cu aceleasi preocupari;
✔Cunosti oameni live, cu care poate te conversezi indelung pe Facebook;
✔Participi la show-uri culinare, mini-workshop-uri si seminarii sustinute de nutritionisti si terapeuti specializati in nutritie holistica;

Programul acestei editii cuprinde :
✔Show culinar si mini-seminar de nutritie : „Cum sa iti prepari mancarea in mod sanatos?” : Delia Popa + echipa Zepter;
✔Tips&Tricks din nutritia ayurvedica : Cristina Draghici;
✔Ingrijirea tenului in sezonul rece : mini-prezentare de cosmetica naturala – Sibel Grigore;
✔Yoga pentru minte, trup si suflet – Simona Chiriacescu de la Q Yoga Flow;
✔Meditatie Metta Bhavana – cultivarea compasiunii si a dragostei pentru toate fiintele, ghidata de George Petre;

Este ultima editie pe 2016, asa ca va asteptam cu drag!

Ce mai facem ?
✔In cadrul Potluck-urilor noastre au loc o serie de mini-ateliere/workshop-uri ce tin de sanatatea holistica;
✔Degustari de produse/vanzari de produse naturale de la partenerii nostri;

▸ Cum poti participa ?
1.Completezi formularul de inscriere si ne dai o idee despre ce urmeaza sa ne aduci de mancare (https://goo.gl/forms/Bdt4qjucm8F6elaV2);
2. Pregatesti mancarea (vegana si raw-vegana), cu dragoste si ganduri bune.
3. Vino pe 27 noiembrie, ora 11, la sediul Zepter International – Bdul.Unirii nr.70 (intrarea pe la steaguri);

▸ Cat investesti ?
✔In acest eveniment, vei investi voie buna si buna dispozitie si multa iubire pusa in mancarea pe care o vei oferi celorlalti;
✔15 lei pentru cheltuieli organizatorice;

▸Ce e inclus ?
Mancarea, voia buna, show-ul culinar, socializarea – distractia, meditatia, workshop-urile si seminariile, discutiile si toate surprizele 🙂

Te tinem la curent!
Nu uita sa completezi formularul de participare : https://goo.gl/forms/Bdt4qjucm8F6elaV2

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