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Bring your questions, an open mind and a willingness to look at this great practice in a new inquisitive way.

We are happy to have Lavinia Elise Parcalab, a very passionate ashtanga yoga practitioner and teacher currently based in Sweden in Romania with us. It is a special opportunity that we are all looking forward to. The workshop is open to all levels of practitioners. During this weekend we will study in detail the basics of Ashtanga Yoga.

This is a good opportunity for people new to the practice, as well as for those wishing to understand different aspects of the practice in more depth. At the end of the workshop, the yoga student will be ready to continue a practice of
Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga with confidence!

This class is an introduction to Ashtanga Yoga. It is open to all levels of experience.
Ashtanga Yoga will be explored through the foundational elements of Tristana: Ujjayi pranayama (Breathing technique), Bandhas (energy locks), Drishti (looking focus), as well as the importance of the Vinyasa count. Through these tools practitioners develop good control of the senses and can achieve deeper states of mind and awareness. With regular practice ashtanga yoga practitioners develop steadiness of body and mind.
Lavinia will guide the group through a moving meditation into the Primary Series of ashtanga, the building foundation of this practice and maybe the most important of the series.
If you are not familiar with the more challenging postures there is no need to be scared of them! Lavinia will introduce alternatives to some of the more challenging asanas as well as offer user-friendly vinyasa options. The afternoon class will take you on a journey into learning how to safely and bravely access backbending asanas. We will execute a series of backbends, start slowly and go in deep, developing a common vocabulary and an understanding of basic alignment. There will be time at the end of the flow to enjoy a soothing, deep relaxation.
PROGRAME DAY ONE  30 March 2019 ( 9.30- 12.30)
* 1h Exploring the fundamentals of Ashtanga to build a strong foundation for your practice and beyond the pose. (Philosophy, Breathing, Vinyasa count) The ashtanga yoga practice will stimulate your nervous system and will lead to deeper states of awareness with regular practice.
* 2 h Asthanga Vinyasa Yoga Class
BREAK 12.30-14.00 – During break you can go to eat outside or you can bring your own food and then rest at the yoga hall.
PROGRAM DAY ONE 30  March 2019 ( 14.00- 17.00)
* Asana study (both practical and theoretical)
– 1h 30 Yoga essentials for your daily life
– 1h 30 Backbending and an introduction to Intermediate Series
Day 2 you will be introduced to the essentials of pranayama, including posture, suspension, balance and absorption. You will learn a potent sequence of pranayama and subtle body visualization that you can explore endlessly on your own. In the second part of the day, you will be guided to find your own flow in the practice.
One of the greatest challenges and main ingredients of the Ashtanga flow is the vinyasa. In this class Lavinia will break down the vinyasa into its basic components.
The class will also explore the elements of inversions and arm-balances. It is common to feel intimidated or even frightened to balance on our hands. Lavinia will offer techniques and practical methods of approach to allow for greater confidence and ability that can be carried away and applied within a personal practice.
Alternatives and intermediate steps how to build strength in the practice are always given. In this session, Lavinia will explain the more dynamic movement patterns of the Ashtanga Vinyasa system, such as jumping back and jumping through.
PROGRAM DAY TWO  31 March 2019 (9.30.- 12.30)
* 1 h – Pranayama and Guided Meditation
* 2 h – Asthanga Vinyasa Yoga Class
BREAK 12.30-14.00 – during break you can go to eat outside or you can bring your own food and then rest at the yoga hall
PROGRAM DAY TWO 31 March 2019  (14.00- 17.00)
1h 30  Learning the flow in vinyasa and how to jump back and jump through with confidence
1 h 30 Building strength components  and Happy Savasana at the end – Arm Balances & Inversions.

Early Bird (before March 08, 2019)
Whole Workshop: € 109 (509 Ron)
One day sessions: € 59 per session (279 ron)
Normal price (after March 10, 2019)
Whole Workshop: €139 (649 ron)
One day sessions: €75 per session (349 Ron)
To register and reserve your spot for the 2 Day Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Workshop you first need to fill the registration form here and then pay the workshop fee through bank transfer. You can also pay in cash (in advance) at our studio.

Sum paid is non-refundable. The workshop can be held with minimum of 10 people. In case less then 10 people will subscribe until 15 March 2019, we may cancel the event and you will get a full refund for the amount you paied.


* People interested in yoga and quieting the mind
* People how want to improve their health, strenght and flexibility
* Great for those students who have experience of Ashtanga yoga and know the postures, but also students who are familiar with parts of the primary series and yoga asana are welcome to join.

Workshop will be held in romanian language if there are no english speaking students attending. Both teachers are romanian speakers.

Come with an open heart, your yoga mat, towel, comfy clothes, notebook and pen.

LOCATION: Bucharest, Soma Center, Alexandru Magatti, no 9.
DATE: 30-31 March 2019

ABOUT THE TEACHER – Lavinia Elise Parcalab
I was born and raised in Romania, but I consider myself a citizen of the world. In the last 10 years I have been living and working in Tunisia, Poland and now Sweden. After graduating in business and living the corporate life for a few years, I realized I was still on a journey, searching for my life purpose. This journey led to trading business suits
and offices for yoga pants and bare feet, eventually creating a new lifestyle. I didn’t know in the beginning how deep this journey is going to be and that in fact I was searching for my authentic self.
In 2015 I founded Unfold Your Mat in Gothenburg, Sweden with the intention to dedicate myself fulltime to practicing and teaching yoga. For me yoga is a tool that helps me to dig more into the mysteries of the human mind and life itself. Through my classes I am hoping to manage to guide people to find their own inner strength and to
be brave to discover and bring to the world their authentic self. As a person I am curious and inquisitive. I love to explore, learn, test different ideas and I try to approach things with an open minded attitude. Through my yoga practice I discover that we all have infinite potential and power to make this world a better place.
We just have to discover it and then bring our gifts into this world.
My daily practice is ashtanga yoga, which has brought so many positive changes and valuable reflections to my life. However I like to get inspiration from other styles and practices, as initially I have been practicing other methods before dedicating myself to ashtanga. I am doing my best to teach from my own experience and I use my
knowledge and intuition in order to adapt the practice according to the unique student.

Through my teaching I’m hoping to guide my students how to become the masters of their own life and learn how to connect more with their own intuition and heart. That for me is yoga. And when we share from that source, everything starts to flow.

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