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Oil Yoga Workshop

Hatha Yoga Teacher Training

06 September – 01 October 2019 Bucharest

By Yogi Trupta & Q Yoga Flow

Bucharest / 21 September 2019 / by Yogi Trupta from India

Oil Yoga or Sneha Yoga in Sanskrit is a combination of Yoga and Ayurveda. Application of oil on the body, giving massage will give many benefits to the body. It has been an integral part of Ayurveda practices. In Oilyoga, practitioner will apply oil and give self massage for 15 minutes before starting the asana practice. This self massage will be guided by the teacher systematically step by step. After the application of oil, teacher will guide the students in to special asana sequence. In oilyoga first sequence is called as ‘Rakta Shudhi’ which means cleansing of the blood. Blood is one of the important substances in human body, which works as vehicle for caring oxygen, nutrients to the cells to produce energy. To keep the blood pure and healthy Oilyoga practice is very much helpful.

Check this video to see more about oil yoga practice and meet the teacher :

Yogi Trupta Official Website:

PROMOTION – Join our special Hatha Yoga Workshop on Sunday, 22 September 2019 and you’ll get a discount. 

Ultimate health and strength of the body.
Stressless focused mind.
Balanced nervous system.
Protecting the body from early aging.
Purification of blood.
Improving Lung capacity.
Keeping sensory organs healthy.
Rejuvenating muscles and organs of the body.
Prepares the practitioner to follow yogic disciplines to discover oneself.

1. One hour Yin yoga practice
2. 45 minutes of Pranayama practice
3. Break
4. 1:30 minutes of Oilyoga in Vinyasa Style

People who are already practicing Asanas can join this workshop.

1. Yoga Mat
2. Sweat mat or big towel to cover the yoga mat
3. Small towel
4. Water bottle

OILYOGA WS VENUE: Bucharest. The location will be announced soon
OILYOGA WS DATE & TIME: 21 September 2019, from 09.00 to 12.30

PROMOTION – Join our special Hatha Yoga Workshop on Sunday, 22 September 2019 and you pay ONLY 125 Ron for each Workshop.

ONLY 20 SPOTS – RESERVE YOUR SPOT HERE – fill in the registration form with you name, phone, email and workshop name.

In 24 Hours you will receive the confirmation and invoice by e-mail.

For any other details please contact us at +40 722 456 564 ; e-mail:


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Yoga Teacher Training – 200 Hrs. CERTIFICATION – Bucharest – September 2020

Yoga Teacher Training – 200 Hrs. CERTIFICATION – Bucharest – September 2020

Yoga Teacher Training – Awaken the Yoga Teacher Within You – 200 HOUR CERTIFICATION with Yoga Alliance – A TRANSFORMATIVE LIFE EXPERIENCE happening in Bucharest – September 2020

You can also choose to register for 100 HRS with 12 days in a row /one day off in September AND another 100 HRS in 4 weekends (saturday and sunday) in October and November 2020.


Are You Ready to Become a Certified Yoga Teacher?​

Our teacher training programe is created for individuals with aspirations of becoming yoga teachers but is also appropriate for any individual wishing to further expand their yoga practice.

This 23-day immersive training is designed to deepen your spiritual practice and to fully prepare you to teach the ancient science of yoga safely and with confidence.


  •  You will learn directly from top yoga teachers in the traditional yoga schools of India;
  • Maintain constant pure and inspirational energy for 23 days. No need to lose your weekends.
  • At the end you will have the knowledge to teach 100+ Hatha Yoga Asanas; Knowledge of Yoga Anatomy & Physiology; Understanding of Yogic Philosophy, Pranayama, Meditation, Ayurveda & more.
  • You will learn to teach variety of classes with a solid foundation of Hatha yoga;
  • You will receive useful “tools” to use in your future yoga teaching journey: book, yoga course material, neti pot, yoga bag, pen, t-shirt and notebook.
  • After completing the yoga course, you will become a certified yoga instructor and you can also build a personal qualified yoga teacher profile worldwide and gain more visibility and credibility by completing the subscription to Yoga Alliance USA.

Choose a job you love, and you will never work a day in your life! If you want to deepen your knowledge and understanding of Yoga or you feel teaching yoga is your calling, you CAN’T MISS this programme.

Training will be held in english.
Looking forward to seeing you on the mat.

REACH US AT  (+40) 722 456 564

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AsanaSăptămânii –  ArdhaMatsyendrasana 

AsanaSăptămânii –  ArdhaMatsyendrasana 

AsanaSăptămânii  ArdhaMatsyendrasana

Ardha– jumatate; Matsyendra- Regele peștilor, un învățător legendar al yogai; Asana-Postura

Câteva beneficii :

 Maseaza organele abdominale si stimulează focul digestiv, ficatul si rinichi.
 Energizeaza si aduce flexibilitate spatelui si coloanei vertebrale.
 Întinde si lucreaza umerii, șoldurile și gâtul.
 Elibereaza disconfortul mentruatiei si ameliorează durerile de sciatica si spate.

Cum executăm postura:
 Din Dandasana (baza posturilor la sol) îndoaie genunchiul drept si pozitioneaza-l pe sol cu genunchiul in linie cu buricul si calcaiul in afara soldului stâng. Genunchiul stâng tine-l ridicat cu talpa pe sol plasata in afara genunchiului drept.
 Pune mana stanga la spate pentru a susține spatele. Ridica brațul drept, întinde coloana, expiră complet si răsucește trunchiul pe partea stanga.
 Ramai cu cotul drept îndoit si palma deschisa sau extinde brațul drept si prinde degetul mare de la piciorul stâng.
 Intoarce privirea catre umărul stâng pentru 12 respiratii Ujjayi. Daca sunt dureri de gat, poti sa privesti in fata. Umerii ar trebui sa fie relaxați, spatele intins si cat se poate de unită coapsa stanga de trunchi.
 Pentru a iesi din postura, indreapta brațul drept, priveste in fata si schimba postura pe celălat picior.

 Lucreaza cu grija daca ai dureri de spate si coloana

Ține minte! Toate posturile se fac la limita de confortabilitate și stabilitate si pe ambele picioare.

Namaste 🙏,
Simona, Yogi Trupta și echipa QYogaFlow

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AsanaSăptămânii – Virabhadrasana ||| sau Warrior III

AsanaSăptămânii – Virabhadrasana ||| sau Warrior III

Virabhadra – Warrior – Numele unui erou; Asana- postura

Câteva beneficii:
 îmbunătățește postura si echilibrul;
 întărește picioarele și gleznele, mușchii spatelui si umerii;
 tonifica abdomenul

 Variante: poti sa folosesti ajutorul unui perete sau al unui scaun pe care sa sprijini mâinile. Brațele le poti ajusta dupa cum simti tu, pe șolduri sau in pozitia avionului.

Cum se realizează:
1⃣ Din Tadasana, impamanteaza picioarele, îndreaptă spatele, inspira si ridica brațele sus.
2⃣ Pe expir, ramai pe piciorul drept, ridicând piciorul stâng spre spate si aplecând trunchiul drept in fata cu brațele pe lângă urechi.
Corpul formează o linie dreaptă de la degetele de la mâini pana la calcaiul stâng.
3⃣ Mentine postura 12 respiratii Ujjayi cu soldurile paralele si umerii depărtati de gat.
4⃣ Cand vrei sa iesi din postura, angajează abdomenul, împinge in talpa dreapta si revino in tadasana cu brațele pe lângă urechi.
5⃣ Repeta postura si pe celălalt picior.

Namaste 🙏,
Simona și echipa QYogaFlow

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